Randy Martono-Chai, a fast-rising conservatory-trained bf musician and educator, known as Randy MC brings a different and rooted narrative to the music industry with his smooth vocals and Creativity

November 09 15:08 2021

Randy Martono-Chai popularly known as Randy MC is an Asian-American born in Taipei, Taiwan, and raised in Southern California. A graduate of Shenandoah University with a Bachelor’s Degree in music and a double major in performance and Jazz studies. He is an amazing and fast-rising songwriter, vocalist, producer, and pianist that is bringing his narrative of music to the limelight. His current movement is majorly centered around promoting love and acceptance towards the Asian community in America.

Randy MC has so far had an interesting journey toward his music career as his passion for music started at an early age. Randy MC’s love for music is somewhat inherited and he took after his mother’s musical side. Although his father had something different planned for Randy towards the Medical field, Randy’s tenacity and passion kept him and his undying love for music growing stronger and more promising.

Randy MC, who also has Filipino, Chinese, Indonesian, and Spanish roots and is a well-rounded musical theater performer as well as an accomplished classical and alt-pop singer who has firmly established himself as a professional solo act. Randy had his first musical training in the 3rd grade, where he began flute and piano lessons, followed by voice lessons he was bartering for piano accompaniment services. He later joined Varsity Men’s choir in High School as well as a tops Chamber Choir known as Chamber Singers and played flute in Wind Ensemble.

Randy MC worked for a Lutheran Church in Moreno Valley, that was his first job. He has also been privileged to work for various denominations like Methodist, Episcopal, and Catholic Church and is currently working for a Center for Spiritual Living in Temecula, Temecula Valley, SoCal. He also played with the Redlands High School Jazz Ensemble, a competitive band that toured Seattle in 2012.

He had already diversified his musical talents at a young age having directed his first musical at the age of 16, a community production of Robinhood: The Musical at Yucaipa Little Theatre in Yucaipa. Randy MC was the Music Director in several iconic musicals performed at the Apollo Civic Theatre such as Mamma Mia and The Wedding Singer. He has also done a lot of work in production particularly for the band Souled Out. As a classical singer, he made his Kennedy Center concert debut in 2019.

Randy MC has 5 singles titled “High”, “Baby Girl”,  “IDGI”’, “Partynauseous”, and “Several Times a Day” in his emerging alt-pop catalog. His songs are well thought out and carry nuances of Jazz and various syncopated elements. Adding to that, he has 6 singles that make up the soon-to-be-released EP dubbed “#StartAsianLove”.

#StartAsainLove is an EP dubbed to anticipate! The song is an Alt-pop project that is filled with a pleasing and heartwarming message aimed to change the narrative/perception about Asian culture in America. #StartAsianLove comes with an engaging message that encourages love while driving us to introspective and conversations.

More info: Instagram; @randymcmusicFacebook; @Randy MCTwitter; @RandyMCmusic

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