Dr. Salim Rashid Al Qamshoui is known to be in the limelight on social media – he shares his social life as well as useful medical information and stories with the World

March 26 23:45 2020
Dr. Salim Rashid Al Qamshoui is an Oman based doctor who is known to be among the few rare Arab and Omani doctors who like to share their social life with the World.

Jenkintown, PA, USA – Dr. Salim Rashid Al Qamshoui is not only a devoted, enthusiastic and hardworking doctor but is also known for carrying out and performing many other roles, like that of an actor, director, athlete and public educator who is among few rare Arab and Omani doctors who like to share their social life with the World out there. Dr. Salim Rashid Al Qamshoui is a youthful and charming figure and has a versatile personality that appears in many forms on social media. Doing inordinately and strikingly well in studies, he obtained 96.9% in a secondary school; Dr. Salim Rashid studied medicine at the biggest university of the region, known as the Sultan Qaboos University from where he graduated in 2017 with an A Grade.

Dr. Salim Rashid is among the brainy, affectionate and handsome doctors in the Arab Gulf countries. He has worked at various hospitals and health centers, especially where medical doctors and staff are scarce. The places he has served include Sultan Qaboos University Hospital, Royal Hospital, Army Force Hospital, Ibri Regional Hospital, and numerous clinics and polyclinics. Dr. Salim Rashid Al Qamshoui got married in 2018, and last year had a sweet and gorgeous daughter named Hams.

The Instagram account of Dr. Rashid has covered her life from the day she entered this world and his life, and in the future baby Hams will have her own Instagram account. At one point, Dr. Salim Rashid talked about his Instagram account and people’s reaction to it, “People in Oman are surprised with my Instagram account and have given me great respect. They are surprised to know that even doctors like to travel, enjoy life and share their experiences.”

Not only Dr. Salim Rashid Al Qamshoui shares about his social life but also being a responsible doctor he shares useful medical information and stories. Surprisingly, he has acted with other YouTube stars and is in demand from other teams and directors to play the doctor’s role in short movies and videos. One of the videos (كلنا معك قابوس سلطان السلام) received more than 95k views on YouTube and is famous and prominent on Faisaltest TV channel where some of his videos have received more than a million views. In one of the videos he has acted as a doctor for the Oman Cancer Association. 

Dr. Salim Rashid Al Qamshoui has come up and emerged as an influential public figure in his country Oman. He has promoted and supported many people and various shops and ventures. Shortly too, he will continue to attend events from various walks of life and also make educational videos.

Instagram account link: https://www.instagram.com/dr.salim.1/

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